Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gig Hahbah

We spent some fun times in WA this August, visiting with friends and family. Our first stop was in Seattle to see (a pregnant!) Orb and Alli.

Then on to the harbor to hang with the entire Bauer fam. We spent the first day down by the shore digging for all manner of shellfish. Here, going after the elusive Geoduck...
A couple a dooodz. Em and Paul dominating the competitive badminton tourney in the Bauer back yard
Reduced to spectating and miffed that we were knocked out of the tourney in the first round.
Later in the week we all went out to hang at the Carney Lake cabin and soak up some of the beautiful summer sun (...and give the boys a chance to finish their DIY float project).

Hard at work

It's ALIVE!!! Three strapping young men testing the stability and durability of the float they (and Henry!) built from scratch.
Carl and Em putting the final touches on the float
Keith, exploring the far reaches of the lake by way of the sailboat
It was a fun (and productive) visit. We can't wait to see everyone again!!!!

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E&K said...

Not bad. You guys are only 3 months behind on the updates. Can't wait to see the Brazil February.... Hehehe. I'm one to talk. See you so very soon!