Saturday, March 1, 2008

Christmas in SoCal

Overdue, part deux!

Having left my job at the pain management practice, and with no pressing commitments in Boulder, I was excited to be able to take an extended Winter holiday to SoCal to visit the family. Carl came with for a few days too! Here's a brief summary of my month off:

Phoebe and I getting ready to walk the canals:
The fam on our annual walk around Naples in Long Beach

Just before Christmas we all drove up to Walnut Creek, CA to see the extended Blum family, but I don't have any pics from our trip...a bummer, especially because we got the grand tour of Les and Phil's developments in Benecia (a HUGE, but seemingly very rewarding undertaking, of which I will try to track down some pictures).

Carl flew out on Christmas day to spend some time in Utah and we missed him
We celebrated Phoebe's birthday with back-to-back days at California Adventure and Disneyland, where she braved her first upside-down ride!
Mom and Phoebe posing on D-land's glowing Main St.I have to show a few pictures from our elaborate photo shoot. We spent the better part of two days experimenting with hair and makeup and the end result included some great shots and an overall good time.
Tink knows she's good lookin' and had to get some film time...
You don't have to get dolled up when you're behind the camera...
I also got to visit insanely sunny San Diego, where Christina and I spent some time at beautiful Balboa Park. The Spanish-Renaissance architecture and landscaping provides a brief escape from the city...Christina, pondering her place in the world amongst some ginormous roots.
And back in Los Al, Allie (#11) balling it up on JV soccer
Even a month didn't quite feel like enough time. Can't wait to visit again.