Friday, October 10, 2008

Summer Flashback: Snowboarding Mt. Toll

Back in late June, my friend Scott Knappmiller and I did a backcountry boarding trip up Mt. Toll in the Indian Peaks wilderness. In the picture below, Mt. Toll is the peak back in the bowl to the left. Elevation, 12,978 ft.
The first 3-4 miles were in the trees and mostly a bushwhack. The trail faded fast, but our noses led us in the right direction. We hit tree line, then avoided crossing snowbridges over meltwater as best we could. Huffing and puffing, we didn't take out the cameras until we approached the base of the main run. Here we are on the ascent, the summit to the upper right.
A picture from the slope, back toward the parking lot at Brainard Lake.Summitted!
The Knappster, shreddin' on the main slope of Toll. This part was pretty good steep, I'll let you measure it against the horizon on your monitor. C'mon, you must have a protractor somewhere!
Nice turn! Nice backdrop.
I got to be the movie star this trip. Thanks for taking the vid, Scottie K.

Scott at the base of the main run. Don't worry though, plenty more slope to carve.
Run's over now. We were able to board right down to the shores of Blue Lake.
Speedy trip from the upper parking lot to the car by way of some knobbies.

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