Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Where has the summer gone? Not to blogging, clearly...but to creating blog-able memories like this one!

Wyoming. We live so close, but still hadn't made the trek until this summer, when -somehow- we each found a span of 4 days to unhitch ourselves from life and drive with only a hint of a plan.

Thankfully, we were welcomed. and mesmerized by turbines.
Our trek started at Curt Gowdy State Park where we camped one night and spent a day mountain biking on their network of trails. That evening we cruised west through Vedauwoo, an area of rocky outcroppings amidst flat vistas and gently rolling hills. It's a well known rock climbing destination, but we just hiked and scrambled.
And met THIS guy.
After spending a chilly night at 9,000 feet and hanging with THIS guy...
...we headed up through Medicine Bow National Forest, hoping to hike. We got some great views from Snowy Range Pass (10,800 ft.), but were met with 6-foot snow banks in all the trail head parking lots. Alas, we weren't outfitted for snow hiking, so we moved on to lower ground. We stopped for a bike ride on our way down the other side of the pass. The trail was sloppy but the views unbeatable.
On a special side trip to Saratoga we sought out this public, free, paved hot spring, aka. "The Hobo Pool". Unfortunately, the water was too hot to enjoy. Too hot, as in 120 degrees. No wonder it's free.
Embracing our inner hobos...We spent that night off some side road south of Saratoga, where we ran into THESE guys.
Our final outing was a lovely hike up Sheep Mountain in the southern portion of Medicine Bow. Much of the trail was on exposed rolling hills, which made for more killer views Gorgeous. Thanks Wyoming! You can come visit US anytime!

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Great stuff. Gorgeous trip! Will you update my blog for me?