Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I spent part of Spring break in Moab with a friend of mine from nursing school. The trip was cathartic after a busy block of classes. We car camped and broke in the mountain bikes for the first time this season. Utah landscape never fails to impress and humble.

View from Sovereign Trail
Joy, holding down the lunch spot on Sovereign
Views on Amasa Back Trail
Slickrock Trail
Long shadows back at the campsite
Enjoying our last night of freedom
Gah. Back to the grind!

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Taryn said...

Oh man- that sounds fantastic! Looks beautiful. We will have to go there sometime. I can see why people love Moab. (I always thought it those stickers were referring tot he Moabites from HB- but I thought it was weird so many people would be flaunting them since they are all dead and went against Israel . . . Now I know. )