Thursday, September 1, 2011

Farewell Summer.

It's not quite gone yet, but close enough. Flipping the calendar* to September always evokes thoughts of autumn leaves and crisp mornings; and as usual, retailers are bent on convincing me that Halloween is much, much closer than 2 full months from now...with Thanksgiving soon to follow of course!! 
(*a purely symbolic statement, as I own not a calendar to flip.)

Here are the moments of summer we'll remember fondly come February... 
Late afternoon sun, Coot Lake

Saturday Farmer's Market

Dushanbe Tea House


Getting out 

Crowded creek 

Long float 

Still going...

Local art

Patio dining

Soccer with a view

Local trail

Bridge, Flatirons

Flooded creek

Words of wisdom

Games, microbrews

Quiet street

Eldorado Springs, South Boulder Creek

6am cloud cover



Squash tendril


Lettuce haul

Bitter lettuce




After the storm



allie c. said...

Our trip's still not important enough to make it on your blog eh? Thanks.

Oh blerg. said...

ah, I see - allie comments on your blog and not mine.

that's cool.

Great post, by the way.