Friday, August 24, 2012


We have spent the month of August lazily moving ourselves and our belongings out West, and have been warmly received at every Bauer household we've invaded along the way (all of them). I've managed to keep a rough photographic account of the month, minus our first relaxing days in UT, where I was still too disoriented from all-nighters packing and driving to pick up the camera.  

blackberry bounty

removing the transmission to replace the clutch

baby catfish at Carney Lake

Instagram'd photo at Carney Lake

plum tree bounty

apple bounty

potato bounty

kayaking around the Key Penninsula

ferry to Seattle

biking downtown

Seattle public library

Em's garden bounty

Summer travel blogs are slowly in progress. Stay tuned!


Taryn said...

Looks beautiful and exciting. Congratulations!

Tory said...

Taryn, you are such a faithful follower! When will you start up your blog again?? I miss hearing about your adventures!

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