Tuesday, April 14, 2015


In February we took a sibling trip to the sunny, happy, wonderful central coast of CA to visit the youngest sis in SLO. We hiked the coastline, bombed down sand dunes, wandered through town, soaked in the hot springs, dodged cooties in the dorms, and reminisced in the halls and rooftops of our alma mater.  That place makes my heart sing. I am so glad we have an excuse to visit again.

bougainvillea on the patio at Linnaea's

used hops & grains behind SLO Brew


the brothas

on Moonstone Beach

elephant seal lazing around at San Simeon

giant eucalyptus

Hearst Castle on the hill


SLO and Bishop's Peak

breakfast at Del Monte

trailhead at Montana de Oro


breakfast at Sidecar

campus walk

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Jaime Dwight said...

Glad to have you back!! And wow, your pictures are incredible. Makes me want to go out and be a tourist in my own town! Thank you for re-inspiring me!