Sunday, March 4, 2007

Snowshoeing to Brainard Lake

We had another mild snow storm this week, but by Saturday the sun was back out and it made for a perfect day of snowshoeing. We drove about 30 miles to a trail head near the city of Ward, in the Roosevelt National Forest, and hiked about three miles to Brainard Lake, just East of the Indian Peaks mountain range.

A mile and a half into our hike, on the shores of a -frozen- Red Rock Lake:

A view of a very windy, very frozen Brainard Lake
Carl, inspecting the ice conditions...It was thick.
We made a pit stop on the way home and scrambled down an icy path to see the -frozen- Boulder Falls...
Looking back towards the highway...
Fun times! We are trying not to be such bums on the weekends anymore, so hopefully the blog entries will keep coming more frequently. See you next time!