Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Light/Kidder Wedding

It's wedding season! In mid-June we flew to our first wedding of the summer, held at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. Kate and Adam put on a good show in a beautiful park with tons of great activities, including game night, swimming and hiking!

It had been raining and flooding pretty significantly all over the mid-west the week prior to our arrival (you may remember the extensive news coverage), but we only started worrying about our plan to camp when, descending into a stormy Indianapolis, we got aerial views of heavily waterlogged fields. When we met up with Adam he assured us that the current storm would blow through, but that a major bridge to the park had been washed out. Luckily, the storm ran its course that day and the park stayed mostly dry (besides some standing water and some pretty wicked trail mud) for the rest of the weekend.

On with the show! Carl and I crossing the mighty Sugar Creek to our first day of exploring
The Saturday hiking crew
Some goons in the inn's basement arcade after an evening of group games and good company
The big day!
Jason, Unitarian minister, beneath the chuppah.
They did.We got out again after the reception for another hike around the park
Wedding crashers, from left to right: Adam, Kate, John, Karen, Elaine, Scott, Micaela, Jason, Chris (us, shooting from the muddy bank below)

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