Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bochini visits

Yes, we're still alive. Sorry, we haven't been doing too well on the blog updates since Tory started nursing school (which she is dominating!). She just finished her first semester this week and finally has some time to relax/play. Anyway, we have some catching up to do with you all, so here's a little anecdote from back in December ('08 style).

My good friend from high school, Paul Bochan (a.k.a. Spicoli, Boch, Bochini, Big man Bosse (actually I just made that one up)) decided to spend a day in CO on his way back to Minnesota from visiting family over the holidays. The plan was a 3/4 day at Vail, then straight to the airport for his flight home. The conditions in the bowls weren't the greatest, but we found some great tree spots and speedy groomers. Here's Boch going big in the trees.

It was a fantastically blue bird day with views abounding.
Thanks for stoppin' by Paul! I had a great time, per usual.

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E&K said...

That looks suspiciously like a hat mom might have brought back from Peru....with the braids and all....Camden has one just like it! Good to see you back on the blog....slackers.