Friday, December 11, 2009

Mt Elbert

We hiked this beast in September, as Autumn was just beginning to reveal itself. There was a sprinkling of snow at the peak and some rain on the way down, but a spectacular day overall.

Factoid: Second highest mountain in the contiguous US = Mt. Elbert at 14,443ft

Eyes on the prize...
Up. and up some more.
aaannndd....we're there! That was easy! Misty view at the top.
Carl looking for the next cairn.The Soob pulled some wicked maneuvers to get us to a secluded camping spot close to the trailhead.
More gorgeous country on the drive home. Near Leadville.
Bagged another one :)


Taryn said...

Nice work. You guys are tough.

E&K said...

How many more to go? Nice photos.