Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crater Lakes

Saturday was glorious. We awoke to snow falling (on my newly planted veggies) and a day free of commitments. So, C loaded the car with various snow accessories, I gathered some snacks and poured a thermos of hot coffee for the road, and off we went. We ventured...up. 

Plan A (to climb South Arapaho Peak) was foiled by a snowy, slippery road. So we executed Plan B - hiking to the Crater Lakes in the James Peak Wilderness.  

Topo of the route 
(from protrails)

East Portal Rd.

The serene, lonely trail.

Taking C's new ice axe for a test run.

At the lowest lake (elev. 10,630 ft).

Snack break!

Coal emerging from Moffat Tunnel back at the trailhead. 

Beautiful day. (Carl was so excited about the powdery conditions that he went back this morning for a snowboard run)

In other news: Happy Easter!

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