Thursday, February 16, 2012

RMNP - The Loch

We finally left the house and took the camera.

Since we will both likely be working all weekend, we took this Thursday and spent it like a Sunday. It was a sunny, 30-degree day, perfect for hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

C chose an area of the park that he knew to be spectacular - up one of several close glacial valleys to a lake. The Loch.

Here we go: snowy, windy approach to the trailhead.

It was gorgeous, despite the wind. We made a short detour on the way back down with hopes of seeing Mills Lake, but were turned away by impenetrable, face-piercing ice wind.

Since the day was still young I demanded a stop at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park (haunted inspiration for Stephen King's The Shining).

View from the front porch of The Stanley.


Taryn said...

I have always wanted to stop by that hotel. But I am also scared out of my mind to do so . . . Your hike looked amazing. And cold. Glad it wasn't too bad. Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...