Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PS, I love you

At the beginning of March, to celebrate the last days of Christina's singledom, we (sisters and friends) rendezvoused in the desert mecca of Palm Springs for a weekend of relaxation, poolside cocktails, yoga, food, and girl time.

We rented a midcentury house for the weekend and succeeded in keeping the shenanigans a secret from Miss Chris until the moment of her arrival. (Francis, ze fiance, actually photoshopped a fake hotel reservation and drove our pawn right to the house under the guise of a self-guided architecture tour. Brilliant!)

I was much too busy doing nothing to be doing something like taking pictures, so here's a barebones account of our time in PS.  Deal.

Allie, in from AZ, helping with preparations (plus Mom's orchid).

Approaching dusk in PS, and the stylish house across the street.

Phoebe, entryway.

Poolside, firepit

Pagoda and mountain view

 A trip to the renowned Parker Hotel

 Starting Sunday morning right

The crew

 Walking around downtown Palm Springs

Aaaand a necessary trip to In-n-Out on the way home.

A pretty fine weekend, indeed. Mention must be given to Mom, party planner extraordinaire, whose dessert spread and thoughtful gift bags dazzled our senses and made for a proper party.  'Twas a hit! We should do this more often...

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Taryn said...

mmmm- In-n-Out! That looks like a sweet house you rented and seems like you had a lot of fun. Glad to hear you are well.