Monday, May 14, 2007

Ouzel Falls and Spring Weather

Well, as of May 9th, my first year of graduate school is officially a notch in the belt and summer is just around the corner. It will be nice to spend the weekends backpacking in the Rockies and not staring at equations till the wee hours of the morning.

A little bit of Colorado spring weather for ya...weird. Early April:
Rain falls, freezes on grass?
And just today, I got caught in this on the bike ride home from work.
As a first summer expedition, we headed to Ouzel Falls at the southern end of Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park for a quick day hike. On the way was a charming Calypso Cascades:
Another mile or so up the trail was Ouzel Falls. I almost got lost in the snow along the way... Quicksnow Safety Handbook: Lesson 1: If caught in quicksnow, locate and grab onto nearest wife.
Ouzel Falls with babe:
I scrambled up some premade footprints in a snowbank to the left of the falls to get a view from the top...
A bit farther up the trail, Tory led us up a rock-scramble to a nice view, and our turnaround point for the hike.
At the top of the scramble...And there was much celebration.Until next time, RMNP.

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